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Involving high school and university students

Adults with disabilities enjoy doing service in their communities in conjunction with Key Club members in high school and Circle K members in college. The joint effort can be one in which everyone learns from each other and a meaningful relationship evolves. The relationship can develop in several ways.


If you are ready to make a meaningful, life-changing impact, co-sponsor a new Aktion Club at a local agency that supports adults with disabilities. A Key Club or CKI club can register with Kiwanis International as a co-sponsor along with the sponsoring Kiwanis club. By being a co-sponsor, the Key Club or CKI club establishes the right and responsibly to fulfill the obligations of sponsorship, along with the Kiwanis club.

Project ideas:

  • In November, celebrate Kiwanis family month by coordinating a project with an Aktion Club. 
  • Assist with the Aktion Club’s training of officers.
  • Plan something fun for the members, like a holiday party.
  • Partner together and clean up a park or plant flowers at a nearby nursing home.
  • Plan a prom for the Aktion Club members.
  • Organize a car wash to raise funds for Aktion Club’s Service Partner, Sleeping Children Around the World, (SCAW).
  • Host an event, like a Halloween party, for an Aktion Club.
  • Coordinate a joint food drive with an Aktion Club for a local food bank.
  • Partner together to make cards for sick children in the hospital.
  • Plan a dance for the Aktion Club members.
  • Organize a recycling initiative to raise funds for Aktion Club’s Service Partner, SCAW.
  • Invite Aktion Club members to participate in your next service project.

To co-sponsor or start an Aktion Club, check club chartering and co-sponsorship information that is available.