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What does it cost to support a Aktion Club?

Every Aktion Club is sponsored by a Kiwanis club in cooperation with an agency or community organization that supports individuals with disabilities. The Kiwanis club budgets for the initial chartering fee. The Atkion Club collects annual dues as outlined in its club bylaws.

Here is the current fee information:

• The chartering fee is paid initially when submitting the Petition for Charter. This fee can be taken out of the Kiwanis club’s service budget.

• Annual dues of US$8 per member are paid and can also be taken out of the Kiwanis club’s service budget, if necessary. 

• In addition to these fees to Kiwanis International, there may be additional needs of the Aktion Club. The annual meeting between the Kiwanis and Aktion Club leadership would be an ideal time to discuss these needs.

Although the sponsoring Kiwanis club ultimately is responsible for the above fees, encouraging individual Aktion Club members to contribute to their dues or club will increase their commitment. The Kiwanis club could partner with the  members to raise funds to cover the costs.