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  • Aktion Club's gift wrapping to benefit needy kids

    SEBRING - The Aktion Club of Highlands County will wrap gifts during the holiday season at Lakeshore Mall.
    The club will be wrapping presents 4-8 p.m. Dec. 6-18 at the former Sprint store in the food court between Rainbow and Cindy's Nails and across from Piercing Pagoda.

    Packages, whether purchased in the mall or somewhere else, can be wrapped for a donation. There will be a variety of holiday paper, bows, boxes, gift bags and tags available.


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  • Annual dues, important answers

    The new Kiwanis year began on October 1. We all know what that means—it’s time to update rosters and pay dues! Don’t know where to begin? Well, let’s take a look at clubs’ most frequently asked questions . . . and get you on your way to checking this task off of your list.

    How much are dues?
    International dues are $5 per member. If there are district dues, your district administrator is your best resource for this information.

    Who pays the dues?
    It varies. Aktion Club encourages members themselves to pay the dues—and create a sense of club ownership, independence and pride. However, the Kiwanis club may offer to pay the dues. Ultimately, each Aktion Club is different. There is no wrong or right way. 

    When do we pay the dues?
    Clubs can pay dues starting on October 1. If you complete the process by November 1, your club will qualify for an “early bird” patch. This patch will be mailed to your club for members to add to your Aktion Club banner. 

    How do we pay the dues?
    Go to the Membership Update Center at (You will not receive a bill.) To have access to this site, you must be listed as the current Kiwanis or facility advisor. If you are not, please have the district secretary email member services at 1-800-KIWANIS, ext. 411, to update the club’s record. Then you will be able to go online to complete the process. You can pay online, or you can print an invoice and mail a check to: Kiwanis International, 3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268. 

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  • Pitching in, protecting lives

    Three Aktion Clubs in the Cal-Nev-Ha District helped protect mothers and babies by completing a unique service and fundraising project for The Eliminate Project. During the 90th anniversary celebration for Division 12, the Aktion Clubs of Silicon Valley, Tri-Cities, and Whittier Hope sold Cal-Nev-Ha District Eliminate Project necklaces, which had previously been made as a project at the Aktion Club district convention. Ultimately, the Division 12 Aktion Clubs raised US$1,440.32, saving or protecting 800 lives from tetanus. The clubs also raised funds by speaking to groups about the Eliminate Project.

    As a part of the anniversary celebration, the Kiwanis Club of San Jose enjoyed a visit from 2012-13 Kiwanis International President Tom DeJulio. One of the district's Eliminate Project necklaces was presented to First Lady Rosemary DeJulio by Jane Malkofsky, president of the San Jose Whittier Hope Aktion Club.

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  • Congratulations to our contest winners!

    The winners of the 2012–13 Aktion Club contests have been determined. Every year, Aktion Club members are asked to enter various contests that draw upon their leadership, service and creativity. As always, we got wonderful submissions in each category. Thanks to everyone who participated. And congratulations to this year’s winners:


    • 1st place: Jane Malkofsky, Cal-Nev-HA district
    • 2nd place: Natalie Barnes, Carolinas district
    • 3rd place: Helen Bishop, Alabama district


    • 1st place: David Anderson, MN-DAK District
    • 2nd place: Matthew Schilling, Cal-Nev-HA District
    • 3rd place: Katie Bissett, Carolinas District

    Single Service:

    • 1st place: Royal Aktion Club, Pennsylvania district
    • 2nd place: CHC Miami, Florida District
    • 3rd place: Moody Aktion Club, Alabama District


    • 1st place: Burbank for Fun Aktion Club, Cal-Nev-HA District
    • 2nd place: Aktion Club of Highlands County, Florida District
    • 3rd place: Waynesville Aktion Club, Carolinas District

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  • Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF ideas

    Get ready for Trick or Treating with Unicef
    There are several ways to raise money for The Eliminate Project this Halloween besides going door-to-door to collect donations. Need ideas for a fundraising project your club can do? Try one from the list below—or come up with your own! For more recommendations, go to

    Host a Trunk-or-Treat
    Partner with Kiwanis family clubs from your district to host a Halloween tailgate. Find an appropriate parking lot with good lighting and determine activities. Decorate your rides with dangling spiders, cobwebs and other festive materials. Invite community members to visit each vehicle or booth for fun treats and concoctions in exchange for a donation to help save moms and babies. 

    Cast your vote
    Ask area farmers and pumpkin patch proprietors to donate pumpkins for a decorating event. Set aside time during a club meeting for each member to decorate one of the pumpkins. Ask if you can set up a display at the pumpkin patch or at a local library or business. For built-in crowds and publicity, partner with an apple orchard that hosts pumpkin patch activities. Have people vote for their favorite design by putting money in a Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF collection box. The pumpkin with the most donations wins!

    Appeal to their tastes
    Sponsor a pumpkin pie bake-off. If you attract professional bakers, divide entries into two categories: one for the pros and one for amateurs. Charge US$1.80 for each small slice of pie. Include a whipped cream, ice cream and topping buffet for an additional fee.

    Create Frankenstein’s Laboratory
    Decorate a “mad lab” table during one of your club meetings or at a popular community location. Schedule white lab coat-clad volunteers to run the sale of ”concoctions.” Sell candy-filled test tubes and other such fiendish confections. Go to for bulk test tubes and candy. Or visit for countless bulk Halloween candies and novelties.

    Host a “Twilight” Dance
    Charge US$5 admission and invite guests to come as their favorite blood-sucking characters. Party until “breaking dawn”—but not a minute after. Publicize and sell tickets in advance (with a cut-off deadline) to determine attendance and food needs.

    Send in Funds
    Once you’ve collected your donations, send a check or money order (payable to the Kiwanis International
    Foundation) and your completed gift form to: 
    The Eliminate Project: Campaign Office
    Kiwanis International Foundation
    3636 Woodview Trace
    Indianapolis, IN 46268, USA
    ATTN: Trick-or-Treat

    Write your club name or club number on the memo line of the check so you can earn recognition for your club. Learn more at

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