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  • Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF: It's here!

    Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is one of our most important fundraisers of the year. It’s the perfect opportunity for your Aktion Club to make a difference in the lives of women and babies around the world as we work together to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Here’s how your club can take part in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF:

    Forgot to order boxes? Don’t worry! You can print out Trick-or-Treat labels or make your own displays. Let everyone know about your club’s activities and opportunities for them to donate.

    Have fun and save lives. Babies with tetanus will never have a chance to go trick-or-treating. We can change that. Encourage your club members to raise money by collecting donations while trick-or-treating, or find new ideas and inspiration.

    When going door to door, tell people why you’re collecting coins. Not sure what to say? Use one of these scripts. Don’t forget to thank your donors. Print and hand out these thank-you cards or create your own.  

    Send in your funds.

    When your fundraising is done, send a check or money order (payable to the Kiwanis International Foundation) and your completed gift form to: 

    The Eliminate Project: Campaign Office
     Kiwanis International Foundation
     P.O. Box 6457 - Dept. #286
     Indianapolis, IN 46206, USA
     Write your club name or club number on the memo line of the check.

    Get recognized. If you submit US$250 in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF donations before Dec. 31, 2015, your club will earn a banner patch. Learn about other recognition opportunities at You can do it!

    Thank you for all you and your club are doing to help women and babies around the world. We need every Aktion Club member to take part and make a difference. Visit or contact for more information.

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  • Celebrate Kiwanis Family Month in November

    Each November, clubs are encouraged to celebrate Kiwanis Family Month by collaborating on service projects, fundraisers or advocacy efforts with other Kiwanis-sponsored clubs. The Kiwanis family is composed of K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K International and Aktion Club. Together, these are known as Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs (SLP), and are designed to prepare each participant to be the most engaged members of their communities. 

    Kiwanis Family Month doesn’t have to end after November, it can be every month if you want it to be!  Reach out and:
    • Invite SLP members to attend an Aktion Club meeting
    • Plan a celebration that can include all Service Leadership Programs
    • Write notes of encouragement to Key Club members who are preparing to take college exams
    • Thank advisors and officers of your sponsoring club(s) for their dedication
    • Plan a community service project or fundraiser that members from many clubs can participate in
    Not sure what activity or event to plan as a Kiwanis family? Here are a few ideas to get you started:
    • Organize a street or park clean-up
    • Hold a pancake breakfast or dinner for a cause
    • Volunteer for a food bank or collect, pack and deliver canned food to a food bank
    • Volunteer at a local animal shelter
    • Create thank-you cards/gifts for law enforcement officers or firemen
    • Create care packages or write letters to those serving in the military
    • Hold a coat drive
    • Make no-sew blankets to donate to a local shelter
    • Knit caps for kids in the hospital who have gone through chemotherapy

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  • Contest winners announced

    Aktion Club members do great work-individually and as part of their clubs. The winners of this year's Aktion Club contests are perfect examples. Congratulations to the members and clubs who showed their pride, skills and leadership. And thanks to all the members and clubs who submitted entries. There is a lot of pride out there! Here are this year's winners: 

    Poster Contest
    1st Place: Adam Dalton, Surry Community College Aktion Club, Carolinas District
    2nd Place: Michael Bluestein, Hermosa Beach Aktion Club, CAL-NEV-HA District
    3rd Place: Sara Canali, Highlands County Aktion Club, Florida District

    Scrapbook Contest
    1st Place:  Black Squirrel Aktion Club, Nebraska-Iowa District
    2nd Place: Highlands County Aktion Club, Florida District
    3rd Place:  Burbank for Fun Aktion Club, CAL-NEV-HA District

    Single Service Award
    1st Place: The Arc of Fresno Aktion Club, CAL-NEV-HA
    2nd Place:  Surry Community College Aktion Club, Carolinas District
    3rd Place: Brighton Aktion Club, New York District

    Speech Contest
    1st Place: Maya Bereket, Whittier San Jose Aktion Club, CAL-NEV-HA District
    2nd Place: Andy Murray, Black Squirrel Aktion Club, Nebraska-Iowa District
    3rd Place:  Nicole Bole, Janesville Aktion Club, Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District

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  • Helping kids be a STAR

    One of the challenges that people with disabilities often face is a lack of knowledge in the people around them. Michigan District Aktion Club Administrator Gordon Schleicher is using video to inspire and inform their peers—and to start a valuable discussion. 

    With help from a Kiwanis International Foundation grant, Schleicher has produced four short videos to help elmentary school children recognize the talents of peers who have disabilities. Each “Be a STAR” video features an elementary school student who has a disability describing what he or she likes and excels in. Each is less than three minutes and has closed captioning.

    Gordon's videos respectively feature a child on the Autism spectrum, a child with hearing loss, a child with Down syndrome and another with cerebral
    palsy. Gordon says the videos were inspired by the life of Richard Prangley, a friend who has a developmental disability and has overcome many challenges—such as being placed in an institution for 16 years—to become an advocate. In fact, Prangley speaks to Kiwanis clubs and other groups.

    So far, more than five thousand people have used the videos. If you or your club would like to do so, they're easily available on YouTube

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