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  • Eliminate Week: Are you ready?

    Eliminate Week is a fun and easy way to support The Eliminate Project before Mother’s Day. And it’s just around the corner! Finalize your plans for this year’s Eliminate Week, which takes place May 2–6. Raise awareness and funds to help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the face of the Earth. 

    Use these Eliminate Week graphics on your district or club's website or social media page to promote your club’s events.

    Still need some ideas? Check these out.  

    • Share your happy dollars. At your Aktion Club meeting during Eliminate Week, each member can stand up and share what’s making them happy—while donating a “happy dollar” to The Eliminate Project.
    • Collect spare change. Have members decorate cans, cups or even milk jugs using the Cutout Toolkit. Then start collecting spare change from members, staff and others.
    • Create buttons. Create your very own buttons to wear or sell in order to promote The Eliminate Project in your community. Make it easy with our instructions and button templates.
    When your club participates, take a picture with the We Did It Signs and send it to so they can be shared on social media. After your project is complete, submit all funds raised with the Kiwanis family giving form and request a 2016 Eliminate Week patch to celebrate your club members’ accomplishments. 

    All clubs are encouraged to participate! Share your love this Mother’s Day week with the final Eliminate Week for The Eliminate Project. 

    More ideas and resources can be found at

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  • First Kiwanis Aktion Club in Italy opens

    The sound of cheers filled the room when Antonio Rotellla announced that Kiwanis International approved the charter for the first Aktion Club in Italy. Soon, he presented the 16 charter members their membership certificates and pinned them with the Aktion Club member pin. The 700 people in the audience clapped each time a name was read.

    “We wanted to let people know that Kiwanis welcomes everyone and that people with disabilities are a resource for the community,” Rotella said. “I believe that Kiwanis has no barriers or prejudices. It is a welcoming club.”

    The Kiwanis Club of Reggio Calabria has a long history of assisting those with disabilities in the community. When the club decided it was the right time to sponsor an Aktion Club, Club President Beniamino Condoluci turned to Sara Bottari and Agiduemila—an organization that helps those with physical and mental disabilities. The organization was happy to get involved. 

    “Everyone has the right and duty to be useful to the community, people with disabilities need to find their way to be useful like everyone,” said Bottari. “Through Kiwanis Aktion Club, they can make themselves useful to other people."

    The Kiwanis Aktion Club of Reggio Calabria is filling a need in the community. “The members have enthusiastically embraced this commitment which they perceive as an opportunity,” said Bottari. “They want to ‘give a smile to people and to children less fortunate.’ We are happy to be Kiwanians who can help other people.”

    Rotella doesn’t expect this Aktion Club to be the only one in Italy for very long. As the club’s Kiwanis advisor, he’s been getting messages from other clubs in the Italy-San Marino District who are interested in sponsoring their own Aktion Club. “I am sure that other Aktion Clubs will be opened soon,” he said. “We are happy to inaugurate the first Kiwanis Aktion Club in the Italy-San Marino District.”

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  • The Carolinas District and Lots Of Hugs® Pilot-test

    The Aktion Clubs of the Carolinas are pleased to announce that they have been chosen to pilot-test the Lots Of Hugs® stuffed animal program, the only patented "Hug" in the world. Aktion Club is a service program for adults with disabilities. It is part of Kiwanis International, which is working with the product's inventor, Randi Altschul, to make this pilot opportunity available.

    At the Aktion Club Mid-Year Conference on April 9, each club will receive at least one box of 10 Lots Of Hugs® stuffed animals, which they can give away to children in hospitals and recovery units in their communities. There is no cost to the clubs or the children's families. Each Lots Of Hugs® stuffed animal will have a tag with the Aktion Club text that credits Aktion Clubs of the Carolinas—along with the website and email address. 

    Learn more at And be sure to watch the video!

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