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Club Advisor Planning Calendar


  • Conduct board training for club officers, directors, and committee charimen.  If possible, include Key Club or Circle K members in the training session.
  • Membership fees. Submit an Invoice and Membership Roster form along with membership fees, to Kiwanis International.
  • Motivation. Keep projects and committees moving.
  • Kiwanis-Family activity. Encourage your club officers to plan a Kiwanis-family project with your sponsoring Kiwanis club and local Circle K, Key Club, Builders Club, or K-Kids club.
  • Submit a new member add form, along with the fees for new members joining this month, to Kiwanis International.  An on-line form is also available on the Aktion Club website. 


  • Kiwanis meeting. Make arrangements for several Aktion Club members to attend a Kiwanis weekly meeting. Plan inter-club holiday parties and service projects with members of the Kiwanis family in your area.
  • Kiwanis family month. November is a great time to ask members of the Kiwanis family to attend your meeting or for you to attend one of theirs. Ask them to present a program or volunteer to be their program.  Keep working for strong Kiwanis-family relations.
  • Committee update.. Assess how the committees are functioning and determine how to strengthen problem areas, if necessary, with the board of directors.
  • Membership fees.. Make sure your club’s international fees have been paid.
  • Submit an Aktion Club website project report. If there is an interesting club project you would like to share with other clubs complete the Club Website Project Report and send it into Kiwanis International.  Information is posted on the website.
  • Semd new-member add form, along with fees for new members joining this month, to Kiwanis International.

The full calendar will give a whole year's worth of planning ideas.