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  • Take advantage of Aktion Club social media

    Social media is everywhere these days. Aktion Club is a part of it--with a website, Facebook page, Twitter feed and a YouTube channel. Your club can be a part of the fun! 

    In fact, our social media outlets are great ways to find out what other Aktion Clubs are doing around the world. Members can also share ideas for service projects and fundraising events. Consider an activity focused on social media at your next meeting. For example, you might show members how to go online and find Aktion Club's outlets. 

    For any of your club members who already go online, share our information with them. Encourage them to "like" our pages and view our videos. And then do the same for members who you introduce to social media!

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  • The AC Tee contest has a winner!

    Congratulations to Courtney Gideon! She’s the winner of this year’s AC Tee contest. A member of Aktion Club of Atlantic City, New Jersey, Courtney submitted the winning design as part of the contest that gave members a chance to come up with their ideas for the program’s 2014–15 T-shirt. 

    Aktion Club T-shirts with the new design will be available later this fall—and they’ll be for sale in the Aktion Club store for the next year. Thanks to everyone who submitted entries. And congrats to Courtney for the new design!

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  • Introducing our new logo

    Aktion Club's branding is getting an update. And we're happy to give you a first look at the program's new logo! In fact, you'll soon have access to the logo yourself, so you can use it in your own club's materials. 

    Brands need to change with the programs they represent. So Aktion Club's branding is keeping up with its members. It's fun. It’s active. It’s modern. And now we have a logo that reflects what we're all about. 

    Look for more branding updates as the year goes along—including a new branding guide. It will give you the tips and information you need for working with all the elements of Aktion Club's brand . . . even beyond the logo! 

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    Aktion Clubs around the world participated in Eliminate Week activities last week to raise funds and awareness for The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus. Every US$1.80 donated will save or protect one woman and her future babies. And, with millions of women in 25 countries still needing to be immunized, the efforts of your Aktion Club are crucial to saving lives.

    Your club can make the difference for those women and their babies in just two easy and important final steps:

    • Send in your donation. Use The Eliminate Project gift form for Kiwanis-family members when submitting all donations and mail to: The Eliminate Project: Campaign Office, Kiwanis International, 3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268
    • Get recognized. Tell us about your project by completing this easy form to receive a participation patch for your club.

    Any questions, please contact Thank you again for your generous support. You are making a difference!

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