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  • Amazing fundraising by Aktion Club

    By taking part in the Eliminate Project, Aktion Clubs are protecting thousands of mothers and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus. And now we've reached an inspiring milestone: Aktion Clubs have raised US$100,000 for the campaign!  

    By taking part in the Eliminate Project, Aktion Clubs are protecting thousands of mothers and Thanks and congratulations to everyone who made our achievement possible. You're making a real difference in the world. And we're not done yet! As the Kiwanis family makes progress toward our overall goal of US$110 million, you can continue to help make history . . . and help the Kiwanis family present a centennial gift to the world.

    Check out the current totals for all Service Leadership Programs at:

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  • Sanger's Benson rode Kiwanis float at Rose Parade

    Congratulations to Nick Benson of the Charis, California, Aktion Club for his participation in the 2015 Rose Parade. A club member for eight years, Nick was selected to ride on the Kiwanis International float in Pasadena on New Year's Day. 

    It was just the latest accomplishment for Nick. For instance, he is an accomplished swimmer—earning a letter with the varsity swim team at Sanger High School in California and competing in the Northern California Special Olympics Summer Games. In fact, he was the youngest member to qualify and earned three gold medals that year. He has also competed in the basketball and track and field events.  

    “Even though I have a disability," he wrote to Kiwanis when entering consideration for the Rose Parade, "it has not prevented me from setting goals for myself and always striving to stay positive in my outlook on life.”
    Congratulations, Nick! It was great to see you on the Rose Parade float. We look forward to more great things from you.

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  • TLC 2015 registration is open

    Registration for the biggest event of the year is now open. Join us in Indianapolis this June for the Aktion Club Training and Leadership Conference—and more! While we're in town, the Kiwanis family will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of Kiwanis International. So the international conventions for Kiwanis, Circle K and Key Club will also be taking place in Indianapolis. Sign up today! If you register before April 17, you will receive a discounted price of US$95. Check out the details at Register here.

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