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  • Let's get it...membership materials

    As the new Aktion Club year approaches and when your club is in good standing, membership materials will be coming your way. What will you get? Member cards, pins and certificates for each new member will be mailed after you have updated your roster and paid the member dues. In addition, member handbooks and advisor guides will be mailed to the Kiwanis advisor. There will be enough handbooks for all members to have one and two advisor guides for the Kiwanis and facility advisor. Let's get our clubs updated and start this year off right!

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  • Help us honor your club

    So many Aktion Clubs are working hard and serving their communities. As a result, they're working toward earning Honors or Distinguished Club patches. How about your club?

    Make sure to complete the Annual Achievement Report for your club. And don't forget: it must arrive at Kiwanis International by October 15. 

    The Annual Achievement Report is how we know what your club has accomplished—and what they deserve to be honored for. It's easy to complete the report online at the Aktion Club website. If you prefer, you can choose to print out the report, fill it out and mail it in. The mailing address is provided on the report.

    However you choose to complete the report, make sure to do it by October 15! And look for your club's patches in early November. 

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  • Happy New Year!

    The 2015–16 year has arrived—so it’s time to update your membership information and pay members' dues. Complete the easy, three-step process by November 1.

    Update your membership in 3 easy steps:

    1. Round up information from each new member. Make sure you have the members' names. 
    2. Log in to update membership and officer information. Just go to:
    3. Submit payment or print an invoice to pay by check.

    Questions? Contact

    Aktion Club is Kiwanis International's fastest growing Service Leadership Program. It’s also the only service club for adults with disabilities. Thank you for your commitment. The past year alone provided plenty of reasons to stay committed:

    Aktion Club reached an all time record of more than 12,500 members throughout 9 nations. Members provided approximately 185,000 service hours in their communities. Clubs like yours made a local impact—collecting donations for the holidays, keeping local parks, hosting car washes to raise money and much more. Members reached US$115,000 in funds raised for The Eliminate Project:Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus.

    Help Aktion Club members do it again—update your club roster. Follow the steps below by November 1. If you renew by the deadline, you’ll also earn an early-bird patch. Thank you for continuing to support Aktion Club and your club’s members.

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  • Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF ideas

    Is your Aktion Club ready to join Kiwanis-family clubs around the globe for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF 2015? The donations collected will help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the face of the Earth.

    With Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, there are several ways to raise money for The Eliminate Project—besides going door-to-door to collect donations. Try a fundraising project from the list below (suggested by other Aktion Clubs) or come up with your own. For more ideas, visit

    Host a “Trunk-or-Treat”

    Think of it as a Halloween-themed tailgate party. Partner with Kiwanis-family clubs from your district. Scout out an appropriate parking lot with good lighting then pick your activities. Decorate your rides with dangling spiders, cobwebs and other festive materials. Invite community members to visit each vehicle or booth for fun treats and concoctions—in exchange for a donation that saves mothers and babies.

    Cast your vote

    Ask area farmers and pumpkin-patch proprietors to donate pumpkins for a decorating event. Set aside time during a club meeting for each member to decorate a pumpkin. Ask if you can set up a display at the pumpkin patch—or try a local library or business. For built-in crowds and publicity, partner with an apple orchard that hosts pumpkin patch activities. Have people vote for their favorite design by putting money in a Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF collection box. The pumpkin with the most donations wins!

    Appeal to their tastes

    Sponsor a pumpkin pie bake-off. If you attract professional bakers, divide entries into two categories: one for the pros and one for amateurs. Charge US$1.80 for each small slice of pie to save a life. Include a whipped cream, ice cream and topping buffet for an additional fee.

    Get spooky with Olympics

    Host Olympic games and get creative with your activity names. Invite all your club members to participate and compete against each other. You can decorate the room for a Halloween-ish flair, and members could win "spook-tactular" prizes. 

    Host a “Twilight” dance
    Charge US$5 admission and invite guests to come as their favorite blood-sucking characters. Party until “breaking dawn”—but not a minute after.

    Thank you for committing to help eliminate MNT. Visit or contact for more information.

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