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Logos and images

Share the brand

The Kiwanis International brand guidelines includes the most recent information and examples of approved Kiwanis logos for your use.  

Be sure it’s licensed

When purchasing clothing, plaques and other items that feature Kiwanis marks, be sure the vendor is a Kiwanis International licensee. Here are just a few reasons:

  • Kiwanis-family names and marks are among the organization’s most valuable assets. A basic principle of international trademark law is that organizations can lose their exclusive rights to use their trademarks if they fail to adequately protect the marks from unauthorized use. 
  • The trust the public places in Kiwanis-family service projects and fundraising efforts can be threatened if unauthorized use of Kiwanis marks is permitted. 
  • Each Kiwanis International licensee carries product liability insurance that protects your club and Kiwanis International.

It is every Kiwanis member’s responsibility to protect Kiwanis-family marks from unauthorized use.    


Logos and Images